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The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) is the Peak Council that represents retailers, processors, exporters and smallgoods manufacturers in the post-farm-gate meat industry.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) released a report on October 26th 2015 which concludes that there is a probable link between the amount of red meat which is consumed and the development of cancer in humans.
This report is receiving extensive media coverage.
AMIC is addressing with Meat & Livestock Australia the substance of the report and relevance to Australian products and diets.
The AMIC National Retail Council has developed a communication to assist in addressing this issue.
To access the Red Meat and a Healthy Diet statement - Click here.

Take part in APL's How to Cook promotion on AMIC's BBQ Day 
Save Energy, Save Money 

April 30 is AMIC BBQ Day for all states but QLD, which is on May 14. Hold a BBQ outside your shop. Promote your business with APL's How to Cook Campaign. Members can call their state AMIC office for more information.      
As an AMIC member you have access to cheaper electricity and gas rates in 4 states. Make It Cheaper is a free energy broker that AMIC has partnered with to bring you savings.
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Enter the Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards
Levy Split Objection Notice

Queensland members can nominate an organization or individual and be recognized for their work health and safety or return to work achievements. 
Entries close June 24th.

Click here for more information

Regarding the proposed variation of Livestock Slaughter Levy that was voted on in February. Read more: 
Levy Objection Notice
For more on the proposed changes and the overall issue, see Levy Split Q & A

Apprenticeship News for Apprentices and Employers
Annual Wage Increase of 2.5%
from July 1st 2015

New apprenticeship provisions in the Meat Industry Award commenced on 1/1/2015.
Apprenticeships | New Clause

Please Login to our HR Secure section for information on Incentives for Employers and Apprentices.

The new wages are now in our HR/IR Secure Section. Please login to view them.
Wage Sheets were mailed out to members on June 26.

More information: Annual Wage Decision Announced

Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program (EEIG)
Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS)

AMIC was awarded funding under this program to develop an EEIG program for the meat industry.

Please see the EEIG pages for more information

    AAWCS is an independently audited certification program used by Australian livestock processors to demonstrate compliance with industry best practice animal welfare standards. Read more & on AMIC’s animal welfare here.
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