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Constitution, Board and Councils

The Australian Meat Industry Council is an industrial organisation formed under the federal Workplace Relations Act 1996. It is required to operate under an approved Constitution, which amongst other matters includes provision for a Board and various Councils.

The AMIC Constitution and Rules as adopted at 18 December 2013, are available for viewing and download.

The AMIC Board, at a meeting on 3 June 2013, altered the Constitution & Rules of AMIC. the alterations were necessary because of amendments to the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. The amendments increase the financial and accountability of registered organisations. Please see AMIC Rule Alterations June 2013

Under the Constitution and Rules, the Australian Meat Industry Council operates under and is governed by a Board. The National Industry Councils directly elect members to the Board thereby providing a close functional relationship between the operations of the Industry Councils and the management.

The Board has representation from the Retail, Processing and Smallgoods Industry Groups in the following numbers:
  • Retail: 4 members
  • Processors: 6 members
  • Smallgoods: 2 members 

    The position of Chairman requires that a further representative be appointed from the same Industry Group.

    For the years 2015 - 2019, the elected Board is as below:

    Member Industry Sector Represented Office Bearers
    Lachlan B Hart Processors Chairman
    Brad Thomason         Smallgoods Deputy Chairman
    Robert Constable Retail National Treasurer/ Secretary
    Dean Goode Processors
    Brian James Processors
    Raymond  Kelso    Retail    
    Franz P Knoll Smallgoods 
    Rodney Sellers Retail
    Trevor Hill   Retail
    Terry Nolan Processors
    Noel Kelson Processors  
    James Campbell Processors  

Industry Councils

AMIC operates through member elected Industry Councils:

  • Retail and General Industry Council
  • Meat Processors Council
  • Export Meatworks (Beef) Processor Council
  • Export Lamb, Sheep and Goat Council 

    Each of the above has Divisional (state) and National Industry Councils. In addition there are:

  • National Smallgoods Council
  • Australian Processor Council

    Each member of AMIC is assigned to an Industry Group which elects an Industry Council from its membership. Elections take place every four years and all financial members are eligible to be nominated for, or participate in, elections.

    There is no Pork Processing Council at either Divisional or National level. However, every four years all the financial Pork Processor Industry Group members shall directly elect one member to the Australian Processor Council.

    The structural layout of the Board and Councils is as below:

    Details of Councillors are set out within each Industry Group. Click on a heading below to view the Industry Group Councils.  

    Retail Industry Group Council   
    Processor and Export Industry Group Council  
    Smallgoods Industry Group Council

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