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 EEIG Fact Sheets
  1. Compressor Staging & Capacity Control
  2. Variable Head Pressure Control
  3. Freon vs Ammonia & Glycol Refrigeration
  4. Fan Energy Savings in Carcass Chillers & Freezers
  5. Economisers & Air Preheaters on Boilers
  6. Fluorescent & High Bay Lighting Upgrade
  7. Leaks from Compressed Air Systems
  8. Screw Compressor Wear
  9. Heat Recovery from Refrigeration Systems
  10. Economisers on Screw Compressors
  11. The Business Case for Industrial Scale Batteries
  12. The Business Case for Biomass Boilers
  13. The Business Case for Cogen & Trigen
  14. The Business Case for Evacuated Solar Tubes
  15. The Business Case for Geothermal Energy
  16. The Market for Biodiesel
  17. Heat Pump Water Heaters
  18. The Business Case for Methane Capture & Reuse
  19. The Business Case for Solar Photovoltaics
  20. The Business Case for Wind Turbines
  21. The Business Case for Peak Demand Mgmt
  22. The Business Case for Smart Metering
  23. Reducing Energy Costs for Meat Retailers
  This Activity received funding from the Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program.
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Please note that where commercial services providers are referred in this report, this is for industry guidance only and should not be considered an exhaustive list of available service providers.

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