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 The Independent Local Butcher Program

The Australian Meat Industry Council promotes the Independent Local Butcher (ILB) image to customers on behalf of its Retail members.

AMIC is committed to differentiating the most important retailers in the meat industry - the Independent Local Butcher (ILB) - Fresh Meat Specialist. Retail members are able to align themselves with the strong messages which the ILB status sends to their customers to reinforce their position in the retail meat market:


    Traditional butcher shops are not controlled by a franchise or a remote head office dictating buying patterns. They are, however, accredited by AMIC - the Peak Council of the meat industry. 


    Traditional butcher shops are part of the community. They support local organisations and understand and cater for local issues.


    Traditional butcher shops are professionals in the meat industry. They retail meat and "value added" product and are not a general retailer. They know their products and ensure that customers benefit from professional service and knowledge.

The further message to members' customers is that traditional butcher shops are the Fresh Meat Specialist. This is further reinforcement of the butcher's professional skills and invites customers to buy from them because they are a Fresh Meat Specialist. They know and understand their customer requirements and have the skills to satisfy them.

In promoting the ILB image, butchers observe a uniform Code of Conduct (see below). The Code of Conduct sets a standard that customers can expect from a traditional butcher shop.

The Program offers the following materials to help promote the ILB image:  

  • Plaque

    - includes logo and code of conduct to be displayed on your shop wall

  • Customer Leaflets 

    - for placement in shopping bags

  • Window Stickers

     - to attract customers' attention

Whilst AMIC may add other promotional activities to assist with the public recognition of the Independent Local Butcher logo, it is also up to the shop owners to promote themselves at customer level when dealing with them face to face and within their local promotions.


Your Independent Local Butcher is bound by the rules of the Australian Meat Industry Council and the principles of the Code of Conduct.


The Independent Local Butcher is committed to providing superior, friendly service to their customers. 

Professional Reputation

The Independent Local Butcher will maintain industry standards, including food safety, and meet community expectations thereby enhancing their professional reputation.

Product Consistency 

The Independent Local Butcher will ensure that the product offered is consistent with the expectations of their customers.

Industry Recognition

The Independent Local Butcher logo is recognition by fellow professionals that their business is linked into one association for the betterment of the Australian Meat Industry.

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