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Processor and Export Industry Group Councils

Members of the Processor and Exporter Industry Group representing the abattoirs, boning rooms and non-packer exporters of Australia are classified into Industry Sub Groups:

  • Meat Processor Industry (Domestic)
  • Export Meatworks (Beef) Processor
  • Export Lamb, Sheep and Goat Processors
  • Pork Processor Industry

Each of these Industry Groups, except Pork Processors, has state Division and National Councils:

  • Meat Processors (Domestic) Council
  • Export Meatworks (Beef) Processor Council
  • Export Lamb, Sheep and Goat Council

There is no Pork Processing Council at either Divisional or National level. However, every two years all the financial Pork Processor Industry Group members shall directly elect one member to the Australian Processor Council.

Councillors are elected from the general membership of the respective Industry Group's members. All financial members are eligible to be nominated for a Divisional Council and National Council and to participate in elections every two years.

Members of the Divisional Processor Council elect members to the respective National Processor Council for each Industry group.

The National Processor Councils elect members to the Australian Processor Council, but this council sits alongside, the various National and Divisional Councils.

The size of the various Divisional Committees and their representation on National Councils is dependent on the number of members with each state Division.

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