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Industry Group Councils

The Retail and General Industry Group represents the Independent Local Butchers of Australia. Retail Independent Local Butcher members are represented within AMIC through Divisional (State) and National Councils, which are elected from the membership every four years.

National Retail and General Council

The members of the current National Retail & General Council for 2015 - 2019 are:

Councillor State Represented Office Bearer
Raymond J Kelso Queensland Chairman
Robert Constable New South Wales Deputy Chairman
Peter Bouchier Victoria
Dominick Melrose Queensland
Marcus Vermey Tasmania
Trevor Hill South Australia
Michael James Queensland
Frank Russo Victoria
Bede Jarrett New South Wales
Rod Sellers New South Wales
David Wiese Victoria  
Nathan Walmsley Western Australia  

Divisional Council Members in each state are:

New South Wales
Councillor Office Bearer
Robert Constable Chairman
Rod Sellers Deputy Chairman
Eugenio Campisi
Adam Stratton
Neil Roberts
Bede Jarrett
Jason Smith
Martin Iffland
4 vacancies

Councillor Office Bearer
Dominick Melrose Chairman
John Yeo Deputy Chairman
Daryl Bein
Peter Schulte
Scott Glasser
Raymond J Kelso
Michael James
Kerry Melrose
Allan Rowan
Trevor Saville
Michael Salm  

Councillor Office Bearer
Frank Russo Chairman
David Wiese
Deputy Chairman
Peter Bouchier
Stephen Bonney
Rodney Faulkner  
Nicola Baaini  
Greg Goss  
Brad Wooton  
Mark Cornehls  
Alfredo Di Censo  
2 vacancies

South Australia
Councillor Office Bearer
Trevor Hill Chairman
Lynne Zammit Deputy Chairman
Barbara Knoll
Giselle West
Gary Churchill
Jason Mathie
Gary Cimarosti  

Western Australia
Councillor Office Bearer
Nathan Walmsley Chairman
Edward S Weir Deputy Chairman
Joe Di Fulvio
Raff Barbaro
Paul McLoughlin  
Larry Brewer  
1 vacancy

Councillor Office Bearer
Marcus Vermey Chairman
Christine Bessell Deputy Chairman
Katrina Mundy
Justin Butler
3 vacancies
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