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The Processor Group Business - The Services We Are Providing in Adding Value to Members Businesses

Coordinating Member input to policy development through State and National meetings, Internal Reference Committees and individually.

Analysing and disseminating information that is of value to Members business and not necessarily available elsewhere.

Assisting with implementation of quality systems and technology and providing guidance on technical issues where that adds value to Member business.

Specialised livestock services on issues that directly impact on the processing sector.

Providing leadership in building industry-wide consensus or “one voice” on issues of direct importance to the processing sector. Be the lead meat industry policy body providing services which Members value.

Provide advocacy and representation with all levels of Government and other industry stakeholders on behalf of the processing sector where directed by Council and in the most effective manner possible.

Seek to build AMIC as an authority on all post farm-gate red meat industry issues that will underpin our influence on all issues raised above.

Take a leadership role in projecting the interests of the meat industry in forming trade policy and defending and expanding market access where Member business is affected and where AMIC can make a difference. Advising Members on developments.

Liaising with MLA, AMPC and other industry stakeholders to ensure all industry funded programs facilitate and support commercial processor initiatives.

Human resource consultancy and Industrial advocacy where required.

The services and broad cross-section staff responsibilities are set out in further detail here Members Services Program 2016 2017
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