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The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) provides many services to its Retail members. Staff at AMIC have access to accurate and timely information via internal resources, technical and library facilities, and solid working relationships with key industry organisations.

Independent Local Butcher Program

This is a program to differentiate the most important retailers in our industry - the Independent Local Butcher - Fresh Meat Specialist. AMIC promotes the Independent Local Butcher image on behalf of its Retail members. The aim is to:
  • Promote the points of difference in favour of Independent Local Butchers as against pre-packed product available in supermarkets
  • Stand out from competition and gain more business
Members can benefit from materials and services that promote the Independent Local Butcher image such as window stickers, wall plaques, leaflets to put in shopping bags, Christmas Savings Club cards and other initiatives.

Information & Support

AMIC keeps members informed on industry news, current topics and any issues that affect their day-to-day business. AMIC also provides materials to support members' business needs. Information and support is available via:
  • State and National Newsletters - sent to members 
  • Public Holiday notices - conveniently prepared for display in shop windows
  • Specialised Training Seminars - run by AMIC to give in-depth knowledge on critical issues
  • Free advice on marketing, promotions, and problem solving
  • Free advice on Legislation

Human Resources and Industrial Relations

The Human Resources and Industrial Relations team at AMIC is available to assist members with:

  • Advice on wage rates, pay calculation and termination payouts
  • Copies of Meat Retail Awards
  • Advice on Award responsibilities
  • Comparison of Federal and State Awards
  • Apprentices and government subsidies
  • Access to AMIST (Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust)
  • Information on Enterprise Agreements
  • Representation before the IR Commission
  • Information on WorkHealth and Safety matters
  • Advice on shop trading hours

Discounted Services

AMIC has negotiated competitive discount rates with major providers for the benefit of members:

  • Reduced EFTPOS costs — a group deal has been established with the Commonwealth Bank where members pay very competitive rates for credit card transactions
  • Discounted insurance premiums
  • Reduced rates for Food Safety Programs and Audits in Queensland and Victoria

Technical Advice

Technical support services provided by AMIC staff include:

  • Compliance with Food Safety standards
  • Compliance with Food Labelling requirements
  • Food Safety Program implementation in Victoria and Queensland


  Members can purchase a range of items from AMIC that assist in shop management and/or promotion. Some of the items available are:

  • Wages Books 
  • Christmas Savings Club Cards 
  • Recruitment and Termination Kits

For more information, see the Consumables section.

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