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About AMIC


 Ten Reasons to be a Member of AMIC:

  • AMIC staff are experienced in their area of expertise and can provide you with professional timely advice - an our advice is FREE
  • Our Human Resources and Industrial Relations department will help you with such things as: 
      - Pay calculations
      - Holiday and termination payouts
      - Recruitment and Termination Kits
      - Wages books
      - Holiday notices
  • Receive the latest industry information on factors that affect your business, such as:
    - Federal  awards
    - Employment contracts and Collective Enterprise Agreements
    - Food Standards and Food Safety
    - Workplace Safety
    - Export market access 
  • Take advantage of discount rates for such items as EFTPOS and insurances.
  • Take part in the Independent Local Butcher program - helping you to stand out from the competition and improve your business practices.
  • Be informed with National and State newsletters on current topics, and receive invitations to regional meetings and training seminars that provide critical information to run your business.
  • An AMIC Member Services Officer is assigned to look after you and you can ask for their assistance whenever you need it. Call when you need them!
  • Participate in regular events such as the Sausage King Competition, Smallgoods Competition, Best Butcher's Burger Competition and others.
  • We lobby all levels of government on your behalf - we are a vital source of information and advice to government and industry stakeholders on the post-farm-gate meat industry.
  • The savings made through our discounted services can more than cover the membership fee which is also tax deductible. 

Application Details

Membership to AMIC is by application and approval by the Board. It is open to any employer, person or corporation (excluding employees) who carry on a business in or in connection with the meat industry. Annual membership fees apply and are generally calculated by reference to numbers of premises and employees.

Members are entitled to the range of services offered by AMIC. In addition, financial members are entitled to vote at various elections of state and national Councils pertinent to their industry sector (Retail, Processors/Exporters and Smallgoods) and thereby directly participate in the development of the meat industry.

The AMIC Constitution and Rules  contain further details on conditions of membership. Applicants for membership are encouraged to speak to AMIC staff about membership benefits and services in more detail. In nearly all cases, an AMIC Member Services Officer will make a visit to your premises to discuss membership and services as part of the application process.

For those who do not qualify to be full members because of not being directly involved in the meat industry, associate membership is available.

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