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Sausage King Competitions

The National Sausage King competition is held annually and is generally open to AMIC members only. It is co-ordinated and run by AMIC for the benefit of members. It brings butchers from different regions together allowing them to show off what they do best.

The competition starts off at a regional level in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia before moving to the state finals and then the national final.  The various levels of the competition gives winners, finalists and place-getters more opportunities to promote their business and gain extra sales. 

Benefits of Entering

 Promotion of business - sell more sausages and increase store traffic

 Benefit from publicity generated by the event

 A marketing kit is available to assist with business promotion

 State Winners and place getters are presented with awards at the annual Awards Night Dinners

Win a prestigious award if successful in becoming the National Sausage King


To promote sausages as a tasty and healthy meat product to consumers

To increase consumer knowledge of sausage varieties, taste, composition and recipe ideas

To promote AMIC Independent Local Butchers

To enhance pride and skill amongst AMIC Independent Local Butchers

To further capitalise on the popularity of sausages and increase sales and profit from them


There are six categories to compete in and this increases your chance of winning an award in at least one category. 

Traditional Australian - Sausages entered in this category must be made of beef and/or lamb and/or pork, plus meal (optional) spices and/or flavourings and water. They must not contain any additional ingredients such as tomato.

Pork - 100% Pork sausage. Only additives allowable are spices and/or flavourings.

Poultry – Must be made of poultry products, can be highly flavoured and may contain additives e.g. Turkey with onion and fresh sage. Additives such as corn, tomato, apple, cheese are permitted.

Australian Lamb/Open Class - Entries must be made of lamb, and can be highly flavoured and may contain additives e.g. Lamb with rosemary and sundried tomato. Additives such as corn, tomato, apple, cheese are permitted.

Continental - Entries include bratwurst, Italian traditional and other continental type sausages.

Gourmet/Open Class - Entries may be made of mixed species and can be highly flavoured. This category encourages innovation.

Entries must be commercially available from the person/company entering the competition.

Judges' Criteria 

Visual Appearance - Cooked and Uncooked
Palatability - Aroma, Texture and Flavour
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