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The Processors and Exporter Industry Group represents the processors (more particularly abattoirs, boning rooms and major wholesalers) and exporters of Australia.

The red meat sector is now Australia’s No.1 agricultural enterprise. The Australian Meat Industry Council is the only employer association and recognised Peak Industry Council in Australia, representing the export and domestic meat processing industry.

AMIC is also the Peak Council representing the post-farm gate sector including smallgoods manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, boning rooms and independent retail butchers - in total, close to 3,000 member companies representing over 55,000 workers directly employed in meat processing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing in Australia.

In addition, there is conservatively at least the same number again of Australians involved in the road transport, shipping, port authorities, carton and equipment manufacture, insurance, banking, laboratories and other ancillary industries – all dependent on the red meat processing and export sector for a proportion of their livelihood - an industry worth an estimated A$17 billion to the Australian economy in total.

AMIC provides services and support to members that improves their working environment and is focused on achieving the best outcomes for the industry and its members as part of one voice on issues critical to their business.

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