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Queensland Country Meat Processors Association

The Queensland Country Meat Processors Association (QCMPA) is a voluntary organisation of small integrated meat processing and retailing operations located in rural towns throughout Queensland. The Association was formed in October 1982 with the objective of advancing the interests of its rural-based members. It has operated continuously since its inception.

QCMPA is active in ensuring that changes to meat processing and retailing legislation, food safety laws and associated regulations do not adversely impact on its members. It achieves this through active interface with Government Departments and Food Safety Regulators. 

QCMPA members pride themselves on the quality of product and service they offer their customers, with individual attention given to livestock selection, multi-skilled staff involved in animal processing and retail butchering. 

A pre-requisite for membership of the QCMPA is that applicants are members of the Australian Meat Industry Council. Currently there are 43 members. Elected executives from QCMPA's member base conduct the Association's affairs whilst AMIC staff provides administrative support. The current executives are:

Executive Position
Scott Glasser President
Danny Gleeson Vice-President
Cory Schilf Treasurer
Dudley Schif Immediate Past-President

Member Services

Each year workshops are held in May and November. Members from across the State are able to meet and discuss solutions to common problems and to enhance their technical knowledge of the meat processing and retailing industry. An integral part of the workshops are the inspection tours of meat processing facilities, research laboratories and state of the art retail premises. The tours provide members with innovative ideas to implement in their own businesses. 

QCMPA conducts training courses in business management for potential managers and has developed a number of computer-based pricing, costing and statutory reporting tools for use by its members. It has also developed a computer-based benchmarking tool for members. 

Contact Details
QCMPA welcomes expressions of interest in membership from eligible operators and inquiries from the public as to the location of their nearest QCMPA member. Contact can be made through the Queensland office of AMIC - Phone: 07 3352 4600.
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